Our Local Board of Education

Once a month, five community members meet to conduct the business of our school district. They approve hires, new contracts, long-term planning, examine financial reporting, and examine an innumerable amount of school policy. Sprinkled in between regular meetings, they attend public events representing our school district. They regularly attend school events to celebrate the work happening across our district and see our students in action. They work tirelessly on their own to connect with local legislators, community partners, and  residents to advocate for our schools. 

We are fortunate to live in a state where locally elected Boards of Education can help determine the direction of their local school districts. These community members sacrifice their time, effort, and energy to support the students, staff, and community they represent. At Fairbanks Local Schools, we have five board members that choose to serve for all the reasons listed above. 

Our current board is working extremely hard to examine their practice to better serve our school community. They have recently finished the book, The Essential School Board Book to learn new practices, evaluate personal performance, and discuss what other boards across the country are doing to support students. On January 6th, the board agreed to holding one regular meeting and one work session monthly. While work sessions are not new for our board, scheduling them on a regular basis is. The work sessions allow for dialogue around district priorities. One priority is the Mission, Vision, and Strategic Planning process. Two board members are part of the task force supporting this work. In addition, the board has welcomed two students as representatives to the board. They will provide student perspective to the board regarding work across the district. Our board of education is continuously working to improve their practice to serve the Fairbanks Local Schools’ community. 

January is Board of Education Appreciation Month. Our current members are committed to the heritage, tradition, and excellence that make Fairbanks unique in Central Ohio. Across our community, we have several former members who have served for the same reasons.   We want to thank and recognize our current as well as past members for their contributions to Fairbanks. I am truly thankful for all of their service!

Adham Schirg, Fairbanks Local Schools, Superintendent

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