First Day of School Eve

Good Afternoon Fairbanks Families,

Tomorrow, my three daughters will begin their school year.  Our oldest daughter is entering 8th grade, our middle daughter is entering 4th grade, and our youngest is entering 3rd grade. Our school year is typically packed with academic studies, extra-curricular, and family events. This year my children are starting their school remotely. They are excited to see friends on Thursday, meet their teachers, and jump into the new school year. 

This year, as a parent, I do not know what to expect. We have been practicing wearing masks, talking about washing hands frequently, and helping others. There is definite anxiety and uncertainty with my children. This is very tough as a parent. We have engaged in positive conversations addressing their questions, but sometimes 8th grade girls just want to know if they will be able to decorate their locker. 

My kids love school. They have found a new appreciation for it over the last five months. They are excited to be in the building and begin a new year. The most important thing for me as a parent is will there be adults that take care of my child? Will they be empathetic and understanding? Will they connect personally with them to build relationships? Will they inspire them to tackle challenges and push through adversity? Unequivocally, I know our teachers, school counselors, support staff, and school administrators will do these things. It is one of the reasons I am so proud to serve and live in the Fairbanks district. 

Being a parent brings perspective to my professional role as an educator. One of my “Whys?” for being a superintendent is to make sure kids are taken care of and feel safe when they come to school. It is my purpose to help kids and families form strong bonds with school team members. We have five expectations for all school staff members. Our first and our fifth expectation is to “Care About Kids”. We bookend this expectation because we are in the business of caring about and educating kids.. It is the most important thing we do.  It is my goal to build a school community where everyone takes care of each other. This year, more than ever, is this true. Regardless of our situation, please know your children are loved, cared for, and pushed to meet their personal potential. 

Here is wishing you and your family a Happy First Day of School Eve! My hope is that you can rest assured, knowing our school teams will support your child throughout the school year. Thank you for being great partners in education. Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year Fairbanks families!!

For Fairbanks, 

Adham Schirg

Fairbanks Local Schools


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