3 Points of Focus

What a start to the school year! It has been exciting to see our kids back on campus, in classrooms, and participating in activities across our district. Our staff has started to dive into classroom routines as well as exploring content. Students are finding ways to connect with others while navigating the nuances of a new school year. 

From a district perspective, there are three areas of focus for this school year. In the spring, we began to share these with our board and staff. These three areas are Mission and Vision Implementation, Master Facility Planning, and Instructional Focus. Below are thumbnails on each of these topics. 

“In Fairbanks, we have Pride in our past, Passion in the present, and are Preparing for the future.” 

During 2020, 42 members of a community work group collaborated to align our district’s mission and vision. The mission statement above is something that every member in our school community can work towards every day. This serves as our why in Fairbanks Local Schools. 

If the mission statement is our ‘why”, then the vision statements are the how. Each vision statement focuses on one area of district operations with specific outcomes that will be  shared  with community residents over the coming months. This allows our staff and resources to align in the work we are doing to serve our students, families, and community. 

If you have not had a chance to watch our opening video, please check it out: Welcome to 2021-2022

Master Facilities Process

In Fairbanks, our schools are a great source of pride in the community and we are grateful for the support our residents provide year after year.  In order to protect our residents’ investment in our schools, we analyze the way we do business to ensure we deliver on the quality and efficiency our community expects, including our school buildings.

Our district engaged with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission for a facility audit and enrollment study in 2017. The three school buildings in Fairbanks were built in 1961, 1978, and 2007. Each one has specific needs that have to be addressed in the coming years. Our enrollment continues to meet the 2017 projections for average growth of 1.38% per year. This means student enrollment is growing! Families are moving to Fairbanks because of our great community and excellent schools. Managing this increased enrollment has impacted our school buildings in different ways. Our school facilities conversation will focus on the 3 C’s: Capital Improvements, Capacity, and Curriculum.

We are working with the community and our educational leaders to come up with a long-term plan so that our schools can continue to offer vital programming and the variety of opportunities for students that our community expects and values.  We are also committed to delivery of an excellent education in the most financially efficient manner possible. Before any decision is made about the future of our school buildings, we plan to engage our community with a master facilities planning process. Early this summer, we shared plans to build a fieldhouse by the current weight room. Based on feedback from our community, we will postpone this project while our master planning is undertaken. The district will continue to work with students, parents, community members and facilities experts to explore all options to determine the direction of facilities and enrollment planning for Fairbanks’ schools.

Instructional Focus

Fairbanks teachers, principals, and support staff do a tremendous job connecting with students delivering personalized learning for each student. To enhance this work, we will be working together to grow our instructional systems to support individual students. This means the implementation of the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System 2.0, evidence-based instructional practices across classrooms, and building relationships with students to support their personal growth. 

Additionally, our staff will finalize our Portrait of a Panther.  The portrait will align the skills, knowledge, and attributes that all Panthers will develop during their school careers in Fairbanks. Our community group developed the base framework below and our school staff will develop the grade level components during the 2021-2022 school year. 

It has been a great start to the school year. Thank you for choosing Fairbanks. We are so happy that your student and you are here!!

  • Adham Schirg, Fairbanks Local Schools, Superintendent

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