My One Word – 2022

Happy New Year! I know it is January 3, but I do hope your start to 2022 has been tremendous. The last several weeks have provided time for many  families to gather together to celebrate the  holidays. It has also provided a break for our students and staff. If your home is like mine, parents did not get much of a break and will look forward to classes resuming today. 

New Year’s is always a time for new beginnings as well as trying to find ways to grow personally. After never having success with resolutions, five years ago a friend recommended trying something new.  Each year, I now identify a word that allows me to focus on personal growth for the year. I have found that one word provides focus, motivation, and a foundation to guide actions throughout the year.  You can read more about “My One Word” here:

This year, my one word is “Resilient”. When I think about our staff and community in  Fairbanks, especially in 2021, this word resonated with me.  In this uncertain environment, our school community members have continued to find small wins every day. In my opinion,  being resilient is the ability to stand up to challenges, find solutions, and focus on the positives in all circumstances. This word encompasses the work that has been done over the past twelve months across Fairbanks Local Schools  and has provided me with motivation heading into the New Year. 

If you choose a word for 2022, would you please share it with me? It would be great if we could put all of those words together as a school district. Please email me your “One Word” at

Fairbanks Local Schools is a special place for students, staff, families, and community members. We take deep pride in our schools, have passion for the work going on across the district, and are preparing for our shared future. I cannot wait to see what we will do together in 2022!

  • Adham Schirg, Fairbanks Local Schools, Superintendent

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