Facilities Update

Last night, our school district hosted the first community meeting to discuss the master facility planning process for Fairbanks Local Schools. Thank you to all of our residents and school community members that took time to join us. It was an energizing night that focused on the perspective our community members have regarding our school facilities, the impact facilities have on our students’ education, and how together we can build a shared future for Fairbanks Local Schools. 

This was the first in a series of community meetings to be held this school year. If you were not able to join last night, the next meeting will be on March 16, 2022 at 7:00pm in the Elementary School Gymnasium. We will have a final meeting for the school year on May 19, 2022. We anticipate more community meetings as the 2022-2023 school year begins. 

Our community meetings offer a platform for the community to provide feedback and are an integral part in the development of a master facility plan for Fairbanks Local Schools. With the help of Garmann-Miller and Associates, our school district hopes to develop a plan that focuses on the 3C’s of Facilities: Curriculum, Capacity, and Capital Improvements. This process is focused on being an open, community process with a focus on transparency and accuracy. There are also no predetermined outcomes. 

In addition to our community meetings, there is a community task force composed of many school community stakeholders that will make recommendations to the Board of Education. Our community meetings, and the feedback gained, will inform the work of the task force. School and community groups were invited to choose a representative to be a part of the task force. These groups include PTO, Athletic and Band Boosters, FFA, Fairbanks Alumni Association, township trustees, community partners, and several others. The task force is primarily made up of district residents with a mix of alumni, parents, students, and community members that are all invested in our schools and greater community.  We envision the communication loop for our planning process to work as illustrated in the graphic below:

Over the next several days, please check our website for updates. We will share feedback from meetings, upcoming dates, and presentation materials. The master facility planning website can be located here: https://www.fairbanks.k12.oh.us/page/master-facility-planning

Thank you for continuing to invest in our students, staff, and school community. In Fairbanks Local Schools we take Pride in our Past, Passion in the Present, and are Preparing for the Future. This mission is something we try to live everyday in our schools. Our hope is that this work together will reflect this mission. Thank you for everything you do for Fairbanks!

  • Adham Schirg, Fairbanks Local Schools, Superintendent

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