Who is your Mrs. Burns?

Mrs. Burns was a Social Studies teacher at Westerville South High School. She was an amazing teacher. Her classroom was welcoming to all students and she worked incredibly hard to connect with each of us. I walked into her classroom as a 9th grader that was unsure about high school with a low level of confidence in my abilities as a student or as a person. Mrs. Burns saw this about me. She then spent the remainder of my 9th grade year pouring into me. She was encouraging, gave challenging tasks, and asked about my interests. She provided opportunities to lead in the classroom that led to confidence in other parts of my life. 

I was excited to see on my 10th grade schedule that Mrs. Burns would be my teacher again. That was repeated during the first semester of my 11th grade year. Having me in class for three straight years should earn her sainthood, just saying. During those three years, she continued to find ways to support my growth as a student and person. In 11th grade, she recommended me to serve on the mock United Nations in Columbus. When she shared the recommendation with me, she detailed how my skills, interests, and personality would fit this opportunity. Her kind words stay with me always. Mrs. Burns was my favorite teacher in high school. I am thankful for her every single day. 

Teachers make this kind of difference everyday in the lives of students. For me, Mrs. Burns’ kind words and actions served as a motivator to become a public educator. Teachers’ hours of planning, professionally learning, revising plans, grading, and connecting with students is fueled by a desire to see young people maximize their potential. Education is a vehicle that transforms people’s lives. That vehicle is ultimately powered by teachers like Mrs. Burns and our teaching staff in Fairbanks. 

Next week is Teacher and Staff appreciation week in Fairbanks. We are thankful for each person that chooses to serve in our school district. Our kids and community are a better place because of the work each person does in our schools. To our teachers, thank you for continuing to push our students to grow as students and people. To our support staff, thank you for everything you do to connect with students and add value to our schools. If you are reading this, please reach out to your Mrs. Burns next week to thank them for how they impacted your life!

  • Adham Schirg, Fairbanks Local Schools, Superintendent

PS – Please read the following messages from our PTO about next week.

  • FHS/FMS: The  Fairbanks FMHS PTO needs your help to make this week-long fiesta a success, and we’ve made it easier than ever to contribute! You can click on the link below to purchase needed items on Amazon and have them shipped directly to the school, or they can be dropped off at the school office. You can also donate money using our Venmo account at @FairbanksMiddleHigh-SchoolPTO or by sending cash or check to the Middle School or High School office. (Checks should be made out to FMHS PTO) Thank you in advance for your generosity and support of our amazing teachers and staff at Fairbanks Middle School and High School! They are definitely “Nacho Average Teachers and Staff”!  https://smile.amazon.com
  • Fairbanks Elementary School:  Please help the FES PTO celebrate our amazing teachers and staff at FES! We have a great week planned;  please see the link below for ways you can donate to support! https://signup.com/go/bwuOsWn

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