Graduation Week 2022

It is finally here. The moment students, families, and staff members have been working towards for years. It is graduation week. This week will be an exciting week across Fairbanks Local Schools. It will be highlighted by celebrations like the 5th grade clap out and middle school teacher auction, but the culmination is Saturday in the high school stadium. At 10:00 a.m., ninety-two students will receive their diploma from Fairbanks and take their first steps as graduates. 

Graduation can be easily taken for granted. The ceremony can be seen as routine from year to year. What you cannot see or feel, is the time it took to get to that stage. Many of our seniors dedicated an immeasurable amount of time to studies, athletic teams, volunteering, or participating in co-curriculars like FFA. Some of our seniors struggled to get to this point. They were literally working up to the end of senior finals week to know if they would make it across the stage this year. I am proud to share that 100% of our seniors will be graduating this year. This educational journey started in kindergarten and will culminate Saturday. There is nothing routine about the path to graduation. 

The Fairbanks class of 2022 will be heralded as a group of resilient students that adapted to the conditions of the pandemic and thrived in all aspects of their student lives. This is a deserving accolade, given the conditions presented over the last three school years. However, what I will remember most about the class of 2022, is their character and service to our school, to each other, and to our community. The attitude of service above self was felt in their volunteer hours, their support of fellow students through Project More and Peer Classroom Collaborators, volunteering at athletic camps, FFA community projects, FCCLA and NHS community service, and numerous others. I have gotten to know many members of the class very well. This attitude of service is authentic. They care deeply about each other, the community, and Fairbanks. 

This will be a great week in Fairbanks. The 2021-2022 school year has presented us with great opportunities for growth and taking positive steps together as a school community. Saturday will give us a chance to celebrate the special young people that make up the graduating class of 2022. They have lived our mission “Pride in our Past, Passion in the Present, and Preparing for the Future”. Congratulations to our graduating seniors and see you in the stadium!!

  • Adham Schirg, Superintendent, Fairbanks Local Schools

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