Welcome to August 2022!

Welcome to August! I cannot wait to see our students, staff, and community over the coming weeks! August is my favorite month of the school year. Many people disagree with me, but please let me explain my thinking. 

First, I love school. School is awesome. There are traditions, new friendships, challenges, accomplishments, Friday night football, robotics competitions, and innumerable other activities that make public schools unique in every community. That doesn’t even mention the learning and growth we see every day with our students. Our students, teachers, and support staff do amazing things in classrooms every single day.  

Second, kids are back on campus. This is an extension of number one, but please hear me out. Since the end of May, our schools have been relatively quiet. We have some kids on campus for athletics. Our custodial/maintenance team has been here every day getting our schools prepared for the upcoming school year, but the energy is just different. In August it all changes. Over the next few days, roughly 67% of our high school students will be on campus to officially start their fall activities. Band camp, tryouts, and scrimmages are all a part of the build-up to welcoming all students back to campus. The freshness of the school year with students in the building is energizing. It is the renewal of hope for what is to come over the next ten months. 

Third, the start of school renews our opportunity to do meaningful work together. We all know the primary job of public schools is learning. This is the filter for all of our work in Fairbanks. This is the work that energizes us every day to make a difference in the lives of our students. In Fairbanks, we have Pride in our past, Passion in the present, and are Preparing for the future. The 3 P’s will drive our mission to meet the needs of our students. 

I am so excited for the school year. It will be a great year for Fairbanks. I cannot wait to see you over the coming weeks. Welcome to August!!

  • Adham Schirg, Fairbanks Local Schools, Superintendent

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