Responsibility -vs- Authority

On Friday, October 2 I took a personal day off. My nephew and godson was being confirmed that evening. I spent the day with my family and had some time to myself. The time to myself was primarily doing chores. During my time in the yard, I listened to a great podcast on “Responsibility versus Authority”.  […]

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Community Connect

Last year, our board president and I had a conversation about goal setting for my first year at Fairbanks. I established three key goals: Improve academic performance Be fiscally responsible Earn the trust and credibility of school district stakeholders Over the summer, while planning for the school year, my board president asked what my personal […]

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First Day of School Eve

Good Afternoon Fairbanks Families, Tomorrow, my three daughters will begin their school year.  Our oldest daughter is entering 8th grade, our middle daughter is entering 4th grade, and our youngest is entering 3rd grade. Our school year is typically packed with academic studies, extra-curricular, and family events. This year my children are starting their school […]

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Hope Happens Here

Convocation is a day that our staff gathers to celebrate the start of a new year serving together in Fairbanks! I am thankful, honored, and privileged that I get to share this day with 150 colleagues that care deeply about our students, families, and school community. Below is the text of a message I shared […]

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Fairbanks Safe Start – July 22 Update

Since March, our school community has navigated a significant challenge together. Our summer has consisted of meetings, both virtual and face-to-face, to find a balanced approach to restarting school. This planning process has produced the work you will see below. I am proud of and grateful for the contributions our parents, teachers, support staff, coaches, […]

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Ending the Fiscal Year

Like many organizations, both public and private, June 30th marks the end of the current fiscal year. We want to regularly share with our stakeholders the financial picture of the school district. Our school district’s priorities are student experiences and growth within a positive school-community. We are unable to achieve positive outcomes in these areas […]

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Oh, the Places You’ll Go

The end of the school year is my favorite time of the year. Not because school is ending and summer is near, but it allows for our students to celebrate their accomplishments. Our returning students prepare for their next step and our graduates begin a whole new path. It allows our staff to reflect on […]

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““Les Voyageurs” (The Travelers)

Bruno Catalano was a traveler and artist. Born in Morocco, he became a sailor and traveled to many places throughout his early life. The nomadic lifestyle greatly influenced his artwork, especially in the creation of “Les Voyageurs”. Catalano sculpted these surrealist pieces, “commemorating Marseille’s status as the European Capital of Culture in 2013”. The 10 […]

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District Financial Update

The COVID-19 crisis has changed almost every aspect of our everyday lives. Generally speaking, there is so much uncertainty that makes it very difficult to predict what the future will look like. Our school district has a strong track record of conservative and responsible financial planning. It is our hope that this ongoing commitment will […]

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