Ending the Fiscal Year

Like many organizations, both public and private, June 30th marks the end of the current fiscal year. We want to regularly share with our stakeholders the financial picture of the school district. Our school district’s priorities are student experiences and growth within a positive school-community. We are unable to achieve positive outcomes in these areas […]

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Oh, the Places You’ll Go

The end of the school year is my favorite time of the year. Not because school is ending and summer is near, but it allows for our students to celebrate their accomplishments. Our returning students prepare for their next step and our graduates begin a whole new path. It allows our staff to reflect on […]

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““Les Voyageurs” (The Travelers)

Bruno Catalano was a traveler and artist. Born in Morocco, he became a sailor and traveled to many places throughout his early life. The nomadic lifestyle greatly influenced his artwork, especially in the creation of “Les Voyageurs”. Catalano sculpted these surrealist pieces, “commemorating Marseille’s status as the European Capital of Culture in 2013”. The 10 […]

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District Financial Update

The COVID-19 crisis has changed almost every aspect of our everyday lives. Generally speaking, there is so much uncertainty that makes it very difficult to predict what the future will look like. Our school district has a strong track record of conservative and responsible financial planning. It is our hope that this ongoing commitment will […]

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The Power of Positive Leadership

Several years ago, my colleagues and I read Jon Gordon’s book The Power of Positive Leadership. Mr. Gordon is one of my favorite authors with a strong focus on leadership. His books The Energy Bus, The Carpenter, and The Hard Hat have all influenced my life. Many of his books are fables that engage the […]

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For the purposes of transparency and full disclosure, I am a city boy. Always have been. My family lived on a postage stamp lot in a suburban home. The closest place I had been to a tractor was at the state fair. Last year, when friends and colleagues asked about Fairbanks, there were always questions […]

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Need Counselors? Yes, please!

Schools are living and breathing organizations. They are made up of many different human beings that bring a unique perspective to every aspect of the school. Every person connected with a school, whether kid or adult, walks through the door with their own story that shapes the way they interact with the organization. The people […]

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Our Local Board of Education

Once a month, five community members meet to conduct the business of our school district. They approve hires, new contracts, long-term planning, examine financial reporting, and examine an innumerable amount of school policy. Sprinkled in between regular meetings, they attend public events representing our school district. They regularly attend school events to celebrate the work […]

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