For the purposes of transparency and full disclosure, I am a city boy. Always have been. My family lived on a postage stamp lot in a suburban home. The closest place I had been to a tractor was at the state fair. Last year, when friends and colleagues asked about Fairbanks, there were always questions […]

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Need Counselors? Yes, please!

Schools are living and breathing organizations. They are made up of many different human beings that bring a unique perspective to every aspect of the school. Every person connected with a school, whether kid or adult, walks through the door with their own story that shapes the way they interact with the organization. The people […]

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Our Local Board of Education

Once a month, five community members meet to conduct the business of our school district. They approve hires, new contracts, long-term planning, examine financial reporting, and examine an innumerable amount of school policy. Sprinkled in between regular meetings, they attend public events representing our school district. They regularly attend school events to celebrate the work […]

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2020…..My One Word

Instead of resolutions, several years ago I began choosing “My One Word”. You can read about the “My One Word” movement here: http://myoneword.org/. Reflecting on my personal, spiritual, and professional life, my word for 2020 is “Clarity”.  For those people that I have gotten to know pretty closely since February of 2019, this probably does […]

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Making Memories

‘Tis the season for making memories. Over the past several weeks and heading into winter break, our schools are full of events that highlight the talents of our students. It is a time where parents get to see their kindergarten students perform in their first school concert or when a senior plays their final solo […]

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5-Year Forecast

“Five-Year Forecast”…..These three little words emerge every October (this year in November due to some changes with the state budget) and May in school districts across the state of Ohio. Unlike our last blog, this forecast has nothing to do with weather, yet it can bring storms to any school district that does not keep […]

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